31 May 2012 -
JUNE, explorers month at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

The first reports on the existence of tattoo's were made by explorers like Cook and Roggeveen.
Reason for the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum to organise a series of lectures of contemporary explorers. Each lecture will go together with an exhibition.

7 June Redmond O'Hanlon 'Into the heart of Borneo'
14 June Tijs Goldschmidt 'Celebrations and transfigurations among the Asmat'
21 June Reimar Schefold 'The body as temptation of the soul'
28 June Jan J. Boersema 'The statues of Easter Island,
the Collaps-story is false'

For more info about each lecture, click on the names above or check our calendar
Unfortunately for non-Dutch speaking persons, only the lecture of Redmond O'Hanlon will be in English.

Museum open 19:00 | Start of lectures 20:00
Single lecture € 17,50 | Passe-partout € 50,00

Buy your tickets in the museum or in our webshop

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