The Prinzhorn Gallery

In the Prinzhorn Gallery renowned English tattooer Alex Binnie shows his portraits of his friends and colleagues from the tattoo world.

Including such famous names as Filip Leu, Freddy Corbin, Jondix and Thomas Hooper, alongside co-workers and clients from his London shop Into You, this series of intimate portraits takes his work to a new level. With a keen eye for details and composition Alex Binnie demonstrates his skills as a true craftsman and a devoted artist.

Never before has an tattoo artist made a project of this scale, with a total of 36 illustrations (32 portraits, 3 torsos and 1 skull).
Alongside this exhibition Alex Binnie released a book with a foreword written by Henk Schiffmacher, together with a short description of each person shown, seen through the eyes of Alex Binnie and limited to only 1000 numbered copies, which makes this book a real collectors item.