Lectures & Seminars

Seminars by the one and only Dan Dringenberg this fall (for real)!

Dan Dringenberg - the new Paul Rogers! - is one of the many things said about this wizard. A mad science practiser who put just that in a machine what it needs. Makes it run to your perfection, goes like a hot bowy knife through a pack of butter, carves a line into a rhino, decorates the wings of a butterfly. The tool thats built only for the real ones, a real tattoo machine. Not a fucking gun, but an instrument to enter the skin to decorate, the human canvas. A machine that will have a relationship with its user, the experienced tattoo artist. The electric brush for a poor mans Rembrandt. The time machine which will take you to a higher ground. A treasure you will put in your testament, if not taking with you in your coffin, ony to be taken from your cold hands. Like a dirty mind, a joy forever.
Danny, the modern day Merlin will share his knowledge with you in a serie of seminars: on machine maintenance and tuning, but also on building such a unique aparatus. Dates soon to be announced. Book as fast as possible, only a limited amount of trainees are allowed to make sure they get that attention they deserve. To get on the list for these seminars or for info:

The ATM is proud to be the official dealer of Dan's miracles. Online or in the museum only for professionals. It does not have a price you have to offer the dirt of the earth, the profound amount of money for which we will give you the life long use of this tool with a soul. It will take care of you and so will you of this treasure. Those about to bleed, those about to be decorated with honorable tool, we salute!

Tim Hendricks about Dan: “I have been fortunate enough to be passed down the art of building hand made tattoo machines from my mentor - Mr. Dan Dringenberg. Each one-off machine is carefully made to fit each artist. Thanks to Dan, I am able to create machines like this. Every part on my machines is custom made, the coils are hand wound and every piece is hand crafted with precision, care and patience.”