Lecture: Reimar Schefold

Date: 21-06-2012 19:00

End date: 21-06-2012 21:00

Location: Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

Reimar Schefold is professor emeritus of cultural anthropology and sociology of Indonesia at Leiden University.

The body as temptation on the soul: On tattooing among the Mentawai people

Because of the globalization fascinating exotic views, life forms and cultural traditions disappear faster than ever.
In this lecture Reimar Schefold will talk about his two year stay (1967-1969) at the Sakuddei, an isolated tribe on the Mentawai Islands.

This lecture will be in Dutch, more info about the lecture can be found here (pdf will be opened in a new screen)

Ticket: € 17,50
or a passe-partout for all the four lectures in June: € 50,-

Tickets are for sale in our webshop or in the museum.

Lecture: Reimar Schefold

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