Live concert: Jake La Botz

25 May 2012 -

20 June | Doors 8.00 pm | Start concert 8.30 pm | Ticket € 14,50

Jake La Botz is a writer, an actor and a singer. His bluesy songs and gritty voice appeal to Americana, blues and rockabilly fans alike.

Some remarkable ventures in his career are the appearance in the latest Rambo film where he sings 2 songs in a boat on the river and his extensive “tattoo store tour”.
This, his first European release, features the best songs from his abums:
“I’m A Crow”, “Graveyard Jones” and “Sing This To Yourself”.

"Jake La Botz is a creator of dark poetry and haunting song, the kind of music that gets in your bones and rides you for days, a sound and vision only those who've been to the bottom and clawed their way back up can generate. His midnight gifts evoke Hank Williams and Skip James as much as Tom Waits and Dylan. Not everybody will get this music - because not everybody is ready for the truth. --Jerry Stahl (author of Permanent Midnight)

"Jake is the modern day Hank Williams." --Steve Buscemi (Actor-Director)

"sadder than hell balladry, razor sharp testifying, storied takes on loneliness, beatnik-on-the-Mexican-border music, coffeehouse chic. This is music from a deep well, a blues with country, folk and sharply observed lyrics... as affecting as a shot of overproof rum on a hot day." Tattoo Magazine

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Can you contact me, You took some shots of me at the Huey Lewis Concert. I was the oenper and wanted to see about getting the JPegs in High Res Great shots!Thanks,Larry

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