Portrait by Gerard Wessel

04 February 2012 -
SPECIAL OFFER! Get your portrait taken by
the famous photographer Gerard Wessel in our museum. On Saturday the 4th of February we offer you to get yourself a professional photo for just €75. It's for a limited amount of people, so hurry and mail us for an appointment:
Oh, this offer is for tattooed people only..

After graduating from the School for Photography in The Hague in 1985, Gerard Wessel became very well known with his black-and-white photographs of youth culture in the Netherlands during the 80's and 90's and his photographs of Dutch rock star Herman Brood. Throughout his career, Wessel always has had a keen interest in photographing tattooed people and he went on a trip to Borneo along with Henk Schiffmacher and Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis. Although Wessel himself as a street photographer prefer to see, witness his work - much more than his illustrious predecessors - a "clean" aesthetic, a desire for distance and systematic betrayal. Well considered compositions with a 6 x 6 Rolleiflex-camera. This gives his pictures a serene, balanced studio quality, while often photographed in very difficult circumstances and in the most difficult locations like in clubs, on the street and at festivals.

Check out more of his work: www.gerardwessel.nl

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